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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have never done kickboxing?

The majority of our members have never put on boxing gloves. On day one, we teach from the ground up…teaching all the basics of stance, glove position and how to punch and kick the bag in a safe manner but also how to use the most energy and power to get a maximum workout.

How much does it cost?

Our monthly membership including unlimited access to all of our strength and kickboxing classes is $100/month with no long-term contract. A monthly membership for only kickboxing classes $75/month with no long-term contract.

How do I sign up or try a free class?

The easiest is to shoot me an email to let me know what class you would like to try.  Calling or texting works great too.    920-931-2828

Are the workouts hard?

It can be as hard as you want to make it. We have developed this program of strength training and kickboxing over the last eight years to maximize results for the majority of fitness enthusiasts. That being said, a person can scale up or down the resistance level and intensity to fit their fitness needs.

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