Frozen Mixed Berry Smoothie


I get asked a lot if I eat something right away in the morning, before working out…which I do.  I am up at least 60-75 minutes before the first class, and I feel I work better by getting some fuel in me right away.  Eating right away in the morning might not be for you and finding what works might take some trial and error.

If nothing else, at minimum you should be drinking a big glass of water to start the day.  If you are going to be working out right away without any food, I would add in some BCAA’s to help with energy through the workout and prevent against any muscle wasting.  Now, here is the smoothie (recipe below) I make everyday before my workout, but for many it might be better as a post workout drink…or a snack during the day to help curb that sweet tooth!   🙂

INGREDIENTS;  (HERE is the blender I like to use)

    • (1) cup frozen mixed berries
    • add almond/coconut milk to top of berries (water works too, just kinda bland)
    • add (1) scoop ASCENT Vanilla protein
    • add (2) tablespoons PB2
    • add a fist-full of baby spinach
    • add more almond milk to just below max fill line
    • blend and enjoy!!
    • other quick options to throw in…Chia seeds, hemp seeds, MCT oil, pixie dust, etc…

Approximate macro breakdown

    • 270 calories
    • (32) grams protein
    • (5) grams fat
    • (26) carbs
      • (10) grams fiber
      • (13) grams sugar
    • (1,000,000,000) grams of love

Give it a shot and let me know how you like it.  Change it up at all, please feel free to share.  Have a great day!

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