Personal Training

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Personal Training

Reveal Fitness looks to serve Appleton and the Fox Valley with top rated personal training.  Our personal trainer’s put the clients first and understands that every person is different and every person has different needs for training.  Whether you are looking to get started in fitness or are experienced in the gym and need a change of routine, we offer something for almost everyone:


  • Free Consultation – We want you to be comfortable with our gym and trainers before you commit. Set up a time to ask questions, talk about goals, nutrition and expectations.  Also, check out our gym to make sure you would be comfortable.

  • Free InBody Body Composition Scan – Let’s get a look at the makeup of your body and set goals and a road-map to get there.  (CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT OUR INBODY SCAN)

  • Private Studio – You don’t have to worry about waiting for equipment or being bothered by others in the gym.

  • Learn – Our goal is to teach you how to workout, so if/when you choose to move on you will have the tools to do so on your own.

  • Nutrition – This is the most important part of any workout plan.  We will provide you with our philosophy on eating for a healthy lifestyle so hopefully you will never have to “diet” again!

We feel that every person should be comfortable with their personal trainer and fitness facility, that is why we offer the free consultation.  Submit your info or give us a call to set up a free consultation.  Come in and meet us, get a feel for the gym and decide if Reveal is the right place for you. There is no pressure to sign up.