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Member Spotlight…Kelly Neumann

Member Spotlight, Featuring Kelly Neumann

Today we want to recognize one of our longtime members for their dedication, hard work, and fantastic accomplishments.  Kelly’s story is a representative of many members (and non-members) in that success didn’t come right away, but the real story is that she didn’t give up!

Kelly first became a member in April 2017.  She had moderate results out of the gates but then plateaued and saw no change for more than a year.  Through the year her attendance was good but not great, and her nutrition was an afterthought.  Starting in January she came to the realization that if there was going to be change, then she would have to take her nutrition more seriously.  Kelly also made it a point to make it to the gym 5-6 times weekly to help hold her accountable.  Why put in all that work, if you are going to eat crap?

Since January, Kelly has lost almost one pound of fat per week!!  This hasn’t been by any crazy “diet” or countless hours of training.  She has been focusing on getting stronger, planning and prepping her meals, and just being cognizant of what foods she eats (and sometimes eating the cake 🤣).  Another plus for Kelly is having met some friends at the gym, which they now work on keeping each other accountable.

Great job Kelly and thank you for your hard work!!

Below is a short Q&A with Kelly;

Tell us why other members can see you wearing PINK 9/10 times.

I am a 6 year Breast Cancer survivor. Pink is my favorite color. From my glassed to my shoes I usually have pink on somewhere!

How did you first hear about Reveal Fitness? When did you first sign up?

I knew a couple of ladies that joined Reveal and really liked it.  I decided to give it a try and joined in April 2017. I joined alone hoping I would make some new friends…and I did!

What keeps you coming through the front door 5-6 days a week?

Lori and Nora keep me focused, motivated, and accountable.  We text daily sharing good days, when we try a new recipe, or get a compliment. And bad days when we want to eat everything in sight and don’t feel like going to class. Our friendship and support for each other is wonderful!  A shout out to the 9am and 5:30pm classes also as it is nice to get to know the other members and keep each other motivated.

What has been your biggest struggle in regards to reaching your goals?

Food and Weekends!  I was always down 2lbs and then up 3lbs…same old habits. I never adjusted my eating. Parties, Holidays, fast food…I would eat decent all week and eat crap on weekends.  The scale never moved until January 2019.  After 6 months I am down over 22 pounds!  I am now very mindful of what I eat. Protein, good carbs, whole foods and an occasional Diet Coke. I treat my weekends like weekdays. I plan, I food prep, and I am aware of everything I put in my mouth.

What are your long term goals in regards to your health/fitness journey?

I just am taking it one session at a time and trying to do my best. I am super happy with how far I have come and my results. Just staying happy, healthy and strong are good with me.

What advice would you give someone struggling to achieve their goals? 

Keep coming thru that door!  Make time for you!  Put in the time!  Find what works for you and sometimes eat the cake just not everyday!

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