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Perfecting Your Rounds

The Roundhouse Kick

You won’t find a better core exercise than kicking a bag.  Let me fix that….there isn’t a better core exercise than CORRECTLY kicking a bag.  I have done a bunch of videos on the nuances of the roundhouse, in hopes that you can pick some tips with different explanations.  These tips mean nothing without participation on your end.  That is, actively assessing your round and working on implementing those tips.  Watching the videos, reading the tips below, then slowing walking through each step of the round physically and in your head…that is the progression towards mastering the roundhouse.

Below are a few videos that you should watch and follow along, work on finding those things that you need to improve.  I will ask a few questions to ponder through each video, certain pointers to fully concentrate on.

The Basics of the Roundhouse – This is a full run-through of the round house kick.

Pivot and Knee – This next video covers the two most important aspects of the roundhouse, pivoting your lead foot and leading with your knee.

  1. Are you on the balls of your feet, or do you let yourself get flat footed?

  2. Where is your lead foot pointed throughout the round and at the end of the round?  Your hips follow your lead foot.

  3. Are you driving that back knee towards the bag, or swinging your leg like a baseball bat?

Additional Roundhouse Tips – If you are having trouble getting your hips around, work on adjusting your stance.

  1. How do you setup your feet when punching/kicking the bag?  Sometimes you need to adjust left or right for those rounds.

  2. Are you kicking too high on the bag?

Deucing on the Round – If you put all the other tips into place, this is the most important part to get your hips through and get your core really involved.

  1. What is your upper body doing during the round?  Your upper body needs to be your counter balance and fall away from the bag.

  2. Does your hip stop 3/4ths the way through, then you finish the kick with your leg?  You need to keep driving that hip through the bag.

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