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Small Changes, Big Results

Longtime member Dan lost 34 pounds with one change to his routine.

Good or bad, we all have a routine.  Trying to change everything at once can be a daunting task and will most likely end up in frustration and falling right back into your old routine.  Maybe our goals seem impossible which keeps us stuck in that old routine.  A small tweak here or there can add up to huge changes down the road.  The hardest part of change is being patient, and trusting the process.

Please take five minutes and watch the interview with Dan.  Almost everyone can relate to his situation in one way or another.  All of us have a small thing that we could change in our daily routine, sometimes it is just hearing someone else talk about their successes and/or failures, and sometimes it is just asking for help. Many times those little changes when said out loud, are complete common sense and sound so simple…but many times those are the hardest things to change.  Dan’s long-term goals used to feel insurmountable, now he believes they are very realistic. 

Five Minutes With Dan

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