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Walt’s Top 5 Tips For The New Year

Walt’s Top 5 Tips For The New Year

It is no contest that the most trained part of our body is our thumb, flicking that stupid screen on our phones as we aimlessly peruse the inter-web.  I also know that everyone loves to read lists., like…

  1. Top 5 NFL Teams

  2. Top 5 Bachelorettes Of All Time (Kaitlyn, duh!)

  3. Top 3 Ways to Catch The Easter Bunny

  4. 42 New Way to Get Rich By Doing Nothing

  5. Top 5 Top 5 Lists

  6. So. On. And. So. On!!!

That being said, I am going to get on the “List Train” with my own Top 5 things for the new year.

  1. First and most important is SLEEP.  This is a deal-breaker, don’t even read the rest of the list unless you plan on averaging AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep per night.  To go more in-depth with this point, see my two blogs posts SLEEP PART 1 and SLEEP PART 2.  If you are going to skip those amazing posts…here are a couple quick tips(Yay, more tips).

  2. Keep a sleep schedule.  Go to bed around the same time every night, including the weekends.

  3. Don’t eat within a couple hours of sleep…it takes energy to digest food which makes getting the REM sleep tougher.

  4. Don’t drink alcohol.  If you are able to read, you should be able to comprehend that one.

  5. Shut electronics off an hour before bed…and get the stupid TV out of your room!  The bedroom is made for two things, TV watching ain’t one of them!

  6. Eat Less – Do you believe in science?  Well, you are probably reading this on a smart phone so I hope you at least believe that science is important.  Time to also start understanding thermodynamics…the science of heat and energy!  Here is the deal folks….FOOD is ENERGY.  We eat TOO MUCH energy.  Want to lose body fat?  The first step is to create a negative energy balance by eating less.

  7. Write down what you eat.

  8. Portion control…HERE is a cute PDF to help you with this.

  9. Stay hydrated!  “I don’t like the taste of water”   Yes, I actually hear that from people.  Tough shit….we are made of water and you like what you are used to…start liking water!

  10. Move More – Here I am playing into thermodynamics again.  We sit on our booties too much, get outside and MOVE MORE!!   Help create that energy deficit by burning more energy.  Nature is its own meditation….we evolved in nature so start visiting it more!  You brain will thank you as much as your body will.  What if it’s cold out?  PUT ON WARM CLOTHES!!  You should be walking at least an hour per day.

  11. Strength Train – If you want to get yourself in a positive feedback loop, get results and keep them long-term…then you NEED to strength train.  Cardio is a supplement.  You need to test your mind, body and soul by challenging yourself with some type of resistance training.  More strength means daily tasks are easier, more calories burnt when sedentary, more dense bones and bad-ass guns to show off on the lake those four nice days per summer!  Find and know your limits, instead of always being comfortable.  Picking heavy shit up isn’t comfortable, but it is imperative.  One of my favorite posts of all time is by Henry Rollins.  You can equate the Iron to many other modalities, but the bar never lies.  Please take five minutes to read IRON AND THE SOUL.  

  12. Keep It Simple (I will do a whole post on this one) – What is “It”?  EVERYTHING!!   We as humans make everything so damn complicated.  Work on simplifying ALL aspects of your life.  Create a simple day, and then try to recreate that day, everyday!  This is going to be my focus on many things, including training.  Get good at the important basics of strength training and kickboxing, and pound them home!  We don’t need to get cute to stay busy or change for the sake of change.  Want to get good at free-throws, shoot free throws.  Want a nice posterior chain(butt)…learn to love lunges and train the hell out of them!

  13. Breathing – Hey…I did a whole post on this…check it out HERE.  The cliff-notes….

  14. Inhaling takes in oxygen

  15. Exhaling gets rid of CO2…also known as BURNT ENERGY!!

  16. More oxygen in means the harder we can push.

  17. Most people suck at breathing…read linked post above.

  18. Consistency – This kinda goes along with Keep It Simple.  We are a product of our environment, we are a product of our ROUTINE.  Sleep, nutrition, jobs, being on time, working out, etc…this is our routine.  Want change?  Start small and put it on your calendar.  Make it non-negotiable…give it enough time and this new addition will become part of your routine.

I said Top 5 but I thought of a couple more, and it would take all of four seconds to change the title…so consider those two last points a bonus!  Questions, comments or complaints…hit me up at

Thanks for reading, have a great 2020!!

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