Winter Challenge Results

Winter Challenge Results

Our Winter 10 week challenge started January 5th and wrapped up on March 16th.  As with every session, 10 weeks flies by and we are left with amazing results across the board.  Let’s look at a few numbers.

10 week challenge numbers

We don’t focus on weight at Reveal Fitness.  We use the InBody 270 to analyze our body composition to focus on fat loss.  The numbers below are all fat mass lost, not weight.  (weight in most cases is an even bigger number, but can be misleading and not a true guide to health)

  • Ladies – On average, the ladies that tested out lost an average of 9.8 pounds of fat. The top three ladies lost 14.6 pounds, and our $1000 winner with the biggest transformation lost 19.8 pounds of body fat.
  • Men – On average, the men that tested out lost an average of 17.1 pounds of fat. The top three men lost 22.4 pounds, and our $1000 winner with the biggest transformation lost 30.4 pounds of body fat.

Monthly Member’s Challenge

We also run a couple challenge’s for our monthly members.  Those members have been at Reveal Fitness anywhere from three months, to five years.  Every 10 week challenge is another opportunity for those members to tweak something in their lifestyle and to continue to progress toward their goals.

LADIES – Our top three ladies lost an average of 13.2 pounds of fat.  Those three ladies have been long term members that buckled down on their nutrition and stepped it up in class.

MEN – Our top three men lost an average of 13.6 pounds of fat. Our top guy Dan lost 34.3 pounds of weight with 16.3 pounds coming from fat…that shows how inflamed his body was which led him to carry an additional 10 pounds of water around, all day…everyday.  Dan only made a couple small tweaks to his diet, we will be going more in-depth with him in the next week.

That is our Winter Challenge wrap up.  If you want something and put your mind to it, you can do almost anything!  Thanks for reading.

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