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2018 Fall Challenge Results

Here is a recap from our Fall 10 Week Challenge at Reveal Fitness.  Like every 10 week challenge, we had great results across the board for both the men and women.  Below are some quick group stats, before we get to our winners.

  1. The ladies lost an average of 7.6 pounds of fat with the top five averaging 14.3 pounds of fat loss.

  2. Our men lost an average of 15.5 pounds with the top three averaging 19.4 pounds of fat!

Our female winner with the biggest transformation was Dawn.  She finished 28 pounds lighter from where she started with 20.5 of those pounds coming from body fat.  Our winner for the men put up one of the biggest numbers we have seen, with Greg finishing 61 pounds lighter than where he started with 32 of those pounds coming from body fat!!  I can’t imagine having to pick up that much weight and carry it around all day, every day…but that’s what they were doing just ten weeks ago.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work!!

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